Semi solid food – when to start…?

Sunday, March 26, 2006 2:41 pm at 2:41 pm 1 comment

Brae is going to explore his new food next month when he hits 5 ½ months. Our midwife, who came to our house monthly to check on the Brae’s progress and development, briefed us on preparing Brae into semi solids food.

My parents and relatives always asked us whether Brae had started to eat porridge or baby rice when he was 3 month old. Since we are new mommy and daddy, we do not know the actual time to start semi solid. So we asked our midwife on this matter.

She advised us not to start semi solid until Brae is 6 months, which recommended by WHO, according to her. From what I’ve read in the magazines and baby books, it’s true that semi solid foods preferably to be introduced at around 6 months because baby’s kidney and digestive system is not fully developed yet.

She was telling us what to buy such as steamer, blender and baby slow cooker for cooking porridge at a later stage. Since I am coping alone with Brae at home, she told me to get a ‘steamer cum blender’ to save some time of washing so many things when preparing the food. She said “Just press a button and it will do everything for you”. We were like “Wowww!!!”.

So there we went all around Subang Parade (according to her, one of her client bought the thing there) to look for it. We were nearly give up searching for it because what we saw mainly typical blender or steamer or food processor.

Then our midwife told us the brand is ‘Combi’ so we headed to 1U Toycity (a lot of Combi range there). We searched the whole ‘Combi’ catalogue, there was no such thing…..huh…again….to no avail. However, I didn’t know that ‘Combi’ has a lot of baby stuff which some of them is quite nice but too pricey.

No more intention to look for it, we just walked around the mall. Then we reached ‘Chicco’ and I decided to scan through the shop to see whether they sell this machine, even though I doubt it. To my surprise, we found the similar thing in the shop. Hoorrayyy !!!

It is called ‘Babypappa’. It is not really simply pressing a button and it will do everything. I just put the food in to steam then pour the food in again to blend. According to the sales person, they don’t stock up many of the product since there is not much demand. I guess not many mommies as lazy as I am…hehheh. Luckily, there was sale…if not my hubby has to think twice.

I will use it next month and see whether it is really worth the money…..on saving my plain laziness and precious time…….


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