Lulling baby to sleep

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 7:33 pm at 7:33 pm Leave a comment

I am trying a new method to train Brae to sleep on his own after his night feed. Usually, I will lie down sideways on the bed facing Brae and nurse him until he falls asleep. However, he was wide awake after nursing for the past few nights. Neither patting and singing to him helps nor giving him his favourite bolster and pacifier.

Brae has a new soft toy called ‘Baby Tad’. Yesterday, I placed the ‘Baby Tad’ next to him and pressed the toy’s hand for soothing nightime music. Brae was fascinated by the colourful lights blinking on the ‘Baby Tad’’s bib. He stayed still and kept looking at his toy. His hand was trying to reach for the ‘Baby Tad’’s hand when he saw me pressing it for the next song.

After more than 20 times of repeating songs, Brae started to rub his eyes (a sign that he is sleepy). But he just wouldn’t sleep and started to make noises. Feeling frustrated, I nursed him again. Within 5 minutes, he fell asleep. Now I know that he uses my breast as a soother.

I will continue to use this method until he can fall asleep on his own without me nursing him.


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