First taste of semi solid food…yummy!

Monday, April 10, 2006 8:07 pm at 8:07 pm 1 comment

Brae, who is now 5 months old, had his first day of tasting semi-solid food. I know that it is recommended to introduce semi-solid food to the baby at 6 months but Brae has been showing all the signs of wanting more food. He has been waking up more frequently at night (3-4 times) for his night feeds, having previously slept the whole night through. He keeps drooling when he sees us having our meals and trying to reach for the food.

Our midwife came to our house and taught us how to prepare the food and feed Brae. She put 1 teaspoon of Heinz baby rice cereal into the bowl, poured the formula milk bit by bit and slowly stirred the mixture. The mixture must not be too watery or too lumpy. She suggested using EBM for the mixture but I was having difficulty pumping breast milk. Therefore the arrangement now will be rice cereal mixed with formula milk and I continue nursing Brae direct.

Our midwife gave us instructions for the whole 1st month’s menu:-

  • Baby rice cereal for the first three days (1 tsp of baby rice cereal with EBM or formula milk and gradually increase the amount of baby rice cereal if baby wants more).
  • Introduce one new type of food such as carrot, pear, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin and broccoli with baby rice cereal every three days (1 tsp of baby rice cereal with EBM or formula milk + 1 tbsp of new food).
  • By the end of the 1st month, the baby should be taking in 8 tsps of food.

Brae’s first experience of semi-solid food

Brae spat out the food when the midwife fed him the first time. The reaction from Brae was so cute. He was trying to suck the food when the spoon was inside his mouth. After a while he realised that it was not milk then he just spat out everything and began to ‘bin jui’ (flatten his mouth). After we manage to get the 1st spoonful in, Brae started to explore the food in his mouth and he began to like it . The second spoon was a bit easier, he gulped down everything so fast. He would try to reach for the spoon, grab it, put it inside his mouth and chew the spoon! When we were slow in feeding him, he would become so annoyed and ‘mang jang’ as if he was trying to tell us,”I want my food now !!!”. After the whole feeding saga ended, Brae ended up with food all over his face, hands and his Bumbo seat. The whole session was really an experience for us (hubby and I) and it was so exciting and enjoyable, especially for first-time parents like us. It was so fun that my hubby wanted to feed Brae the next day!


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