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Some people are just plain MEAN

Last night, my 14-year old Pomeranian “Crystal” took a short walk outside the house on her own. As she is so old, she can’t go far, so we let her be for a short while before calling her back in.

She was out longer than usual and refused to return when hubby called her. As he walked out to bring her back, the neighbour living opposite our house threw a shoe at Crystal just because she was outside his gate. Sad, isn’t it, especially when he has 2 dogs of his own.

My husband said, “Do you mind, that’s my dog?” and all the neighbour could muster was “Oh is that so, I thought it was a stray dog”. Come on lah, even though it was close to midnight, any fool worth half his weight in salt would know that there is no such thing as a stray Pomeranian. Mongrels yes but any purebreds left on the streets would have been picked up immediately.

He did come out and apologise profusely, both to hubby and Crystal.

Sheesh, some people are just so sick!


Friday, May 26, 2006 7:48 pm at 7:48 pm 5 comments

Does your other half read your blog?

Don’t know about everyone else but my other half religiously reads my posts. If you have noticed, my original post is usually poorly composed and after a couple of days (or weeks if hubby is busy), it gets spruced up with the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.

Does that make me lucky?

Friday, May 26, 2006 7:45 pm at 7:45 pm 9 comments

He likes…

  • He likes to play “wa-wa” which basically involved tapping the palm of our hand gently against his mouth. This trick is very useful because Brae will immediately stop crying and say “waa..waa..wa..wa..waa….”
  • He likes to put everything he can grab into his mouth.
  • He likes to poo during his meals.
  • He likes to watch TV. His head will automatically turn towards the direction of the closest TV when we have dinner outside.
  • He likes car rides, especially when the car is moving. He will doze off when the car moves and start to wake up and cry when the car stops.
  • He likes to cry for attention (most of the time with no tears) when no one is around him.
  • He likes to be carried or seated in the forward-facing carrier so that he can look around.
  • He likes to rub his feet. According to the old folks, babies who like to rub their feet are stubborn and naughty.
  • He likes to grab and pull mummy’s hair when he sleeps at night.
  • He likes to beat his hands against the table when he is seated.

Monday, May 22, 2006 7:16 pm at 7:16 pm 3 comments

Videos – *Cute* gestures

Brae loves car ride. The funny thing is that he will doze off only when the car moves faster. When the car stops, he will start to cry. Just like daddy, he likes fast ride!

Brae is starting to roll over now. However, he can only roll over from front to back.

Whenever he starts his meal, he will poo. This video shows his funny faces that he makes when he poos!

Friday, May 19, 2006 7:10 pm at 7:10 pm 2 comments

Six-month milestones

Six months…..time flies so fast. I can’t believe that our little boy is now half way through toddlerhood. Brae has been growing very well indeed, although his weight gain fluctuated throughout the six months. Nevertheless, we are glad that he gained 1kg since he started semi-solid food. He has turned out to be a gorgeous, chubby, little handsome boy, using his *winning smile* to charm all the people he sees. I am blessed that he has never fallen ill, not even the slightest cold or flu (touch wood) in the past months. I hope it is partly due to breastfeeding.

I want to highlight some of Brae’s achievements and milestones during the 1st six months. Better get it written down before we forget.

Weight: 8.8 kg

Height: 70 cm

According to the midwife, Brae will turn out to be a tall boy, just like his daddy. His height and weight are balanced well.

Photos – Brae’s *cute* moments (from birth – 6 months)

1st Month

2nd Month

3rd Month

4th Month

5th Month

6th Month

Friday, May 19, 2006 4:41 pm at 4:41 pm 3 comments

Scrapbook – 1st Month

Hubby gave his comments for the first page – newborn scrapbook that I did a few weeks ago. He said, “Too many stickers lahh”, “Too cluttered”, “You should separate the photos to highlight the main photo”. Whatever I do, like blogging, cooking, baking, projects (when I was studying part-time) and shopping for clothes, I will ask my dear hubby for his opinion. Boosts his ego tremendously!

From the comments he made, I tried to improve my scrapbook layout design. He likes something to be simple and nice. I agree. The first time, I was too excited and just had to use all the stickers available in the scrapbook kit thinking that it would be a waste not to use them all. The other problem that I faced was the lack of resources (paper / cardstock) mainly. I found it difficult to match the papers available in the kit.

Therefore, I went to Papier to buy my own papers to match for the second page – 1st month scrapbook.

And here is the result:-

Related link:-

My new hobby

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Mr. Osteo

We always buy our health supplements at Guardian, when there are on sale. But this time, we were recommended a new place to buy our supplements. Many thanks to BIL-2’s girlfriend, SL. According to her, its a typical Chinese herbal shop which also sells a lot of ang-moh health supplements. What makes it special is its mandatory 15% discount, even for newbies.

Last week, we paid a visit to this shop ( I think it’s called Tung Poh) located at PJ State, to source for glucosamine for Brae’s ma-ma. Old folks swear by it. The pharmacy is located on the 1st floor of a corner lot. Ignoring the persistent promoters (there were about 5 of them), we walked around looking for glucosamine.

Just right next to the stairs, there was a Bio-Life counter offering FOC Bone Density Tests. Hubby asked me to try it out since it was free. (Yes folks, we are seriously broke with the baby in the family.) Inside, I was very sure that I will ace the test with flying colours. After all, I take calcium supplements daily and am young-ish (though hubby may disagree on the latter bit, he likes to remind me that he is almost a year younger than myself and that I will be “sam-cheong” on my next birthday).

My turn came and my foot was placed on a machine which apparently uses ultrasound waves to gauge the density of my heel bone. The operator told me the machine is 98% accurate. My score is as follows:


Bone Status



-1.0 to -1.5

Risk for fracture is increased

-1.5 to -2.5

Osteoporosis treatment should be considered


My result was -2.13. When I first saw the results, my eyes literally popped out of their sockets and I swear I could hear my hubby snigger behind me. First thing I did was to ask the operator if age is taken into account when tabulating the score because it does affect the results. I was quietly hoping she would say no but to my great dismay, results take into account my age.

Shock horror, not even 30 yet and I am considered almost inflicted with osteoporosis. Hey, even Anlene Gold states very clearly that it is meant for seniors 50 years old and above. Something must be wrong somewhere and I hope it is not with me.

Fortunately the operator informed me that a portion of my body’s calcium would have passed over to Brae which could explain the low score. With that I felt a wee bit better but I still hear my hubby trying very hard to suppress his urge to laugh.

Still not quite convinced, I forced hubby to take the scan as well so I can have a benchmark. He’s very health conscious so I expected him to score well.

Ah, life has a wicked way of coming one full circle and when my hubby scored -3.10, it was my turn to snigger. -3.10 = OSTEOPOROSIS. The look on his face was priceless. He desperately needed to save his face so he asked the operator whether his score was the lowest (probably hoping that the answer is in the negative) and she told him it was the 2nd lowest, lowest coming from a 70 year-old man.

Usually with these free tests, one must expect to be bombarded with sales talk after the test but with our results shocking everyone into silence, we walked blissfully away.

Now, hubby is taking a glass of milk and a piece of cheese daily (even though he’s slightly allergic to milk products). Paranoia at its best.

Should we see a specialist to get further checkup? Maybe we will get it done when we have our medical checkup at the end of this year.

I now call him Mr. Osteo.

Monday, May 15, 2006 5:31 pm at 5:31 pm 6 comments

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