A trip to Singapore – Part II

Monday, May 1, 2006 5:05 pm at 5:05 pm 1 comment

Finally I’ve decided to go ahead for the trip. I am so glad that three of us, besides 2 BILs and one of their girlfriend went for the trip. We had so much fun despite having to carry Brae around. We are more familiar with the places in Singapore now compared to the first time that we went together as a couple few years back. Whenever we (hubby and I) went for holiday abroad, he would comment on the country either “I love this place” or “This place sucks”. Among the places that we have been to, Singapore, Melbourne and Shanghai (except that we couldn’t speak the language) fall under the former category while Bangkok is the latter.

Malaysia has so much to learn from Singapore. Their public transport system is superb! With one EzyLink card, I could hop into MRT and bus and the wait was no longer than 20 minutes unlike Malaysia, the bus wait was killing! Not sure why, I feel secured walking alone in Singapore compared to my own country. Amazingly, the place is so clean and there are trees everywhere not like Malaysia with rubbish everywhere and shady trees chopped down for no reason *sigh*. There are malls in every part of the town, surprisingly there are quite crowded with people in all the malls. Some of the malls in Malaysia are really quiet. I never dare to take a cab in Malaysia because they never use meter and charge you ridiculous fair for a short trip. Singapore’s cab drivers are polite and most importantly they use meter.

Haha..I should stop praising Singapore and complaining about Malaysia, after all I am still a Malaysian!

Chronology of events in Singapore:-

25 April 2006 (Tuesday)

5:30 am

Hubby and I woke up and showered while Brae was still sleeping soundly. Had to wake Brae up and changed his clothes. After fed Crystal and Chloe (our doggies) full of two days worth of dog food together with two bowls of water, we left the house at 6:20 am. Hopefully by the time we comes back, the house and the doggies are still in one piece.

6:45 am

Drove to BIL-3 (youngest brother-in-law) condo. Hubby left his car there and BIL-3 drove us to fetch BIL-2 (second youngest brother-in-law) and SL (BIL-2’s girlfriend).

7:15 am

Reached BIL-2’s girlfriend’s house. We left from there to Menara Axis to catch Aeroline bus to Singapore.

8:00 am

Bus was leaving Menara Axis. This was the first time we took Aeroline bus to Singapore. Breakfast, tea and dessert were served in the bus. Felt like in an aeroplane with captain and crew on board. There was a lounge below the bus deck with soft sofas, table and TV. The only downside was the toilet. Initially, there was an announcement saying “There is a toilet downstair for light use only” and we didn’t figure out why they stressed on “light usage toilet” until hubby went for loo. When he came out of the toilet, he quickly told me not to use the toilet unless really cannot tahan. The toilet was ngam-ngam fit for only one person and he couldn’t even turn around in the toilet. Luckily my hubby is quite thin, I wondered how a bigger size person could get in the toilet.

11:30 am

Throughout the journey, Brae behaved very well. He did whine a bit and dozed off after nursing him. I took the opportunity to take a nap while Brae was sleeping. The bus was in Pagoh rest area when I heard the bus engine stopped. However I was too tired to open my eyes until I heard someone shouted “Fire! “. I thought I was dreaming until I opened my eyes and saw the back of the bus parked next to ours was engulfed with thick smoke. The thick air of smoke was getting worse until I couldn’t see anything through the window. I was getting panicked when I saw fire burning from the back of the bus. “Take the baby out first”, hubby told me. He quickly grabbed Brae from my lap and dashed out of the the bus (luckily Brae didn’t cry seeing the situation kelam-kabut). I almost forgot to fasten my seat belt to go out of the bus! We walked as fast as we could further away from the burning bus. After everyone was out from the bus, the captain was driving the bus away from the blazing bus. After a while, everyone was called to get on board and continued on our journey. Phewww…what an experience!

The whole incident was featured in The Star.

1:30 pm

Finally, we reached the drop-off point at Waterfront Copthorne Hotel. Took cabs to our hotel, Grand Central Hotel near Orchard Road. Hubby, Brae, BIL-3 and me in one cab and BIL-2 and SL in the other cab.

2:00 pm

Checked into the hotel rooms. Quickly fed Brae before we went for lunch. Brae had sweet potatoes baby jar food mixed with formula milk. We scared that it might dirty the clothes, we fed Brae without the clothes on even though the hotel room was a bit cold.

3:00 pm

Went to Takashimaya for lunch. Recommended by SL, we ate at Pepper Lunch. I had a Beef Pepper Rice. The food came in a hot sizzling plate with rice in the middle, slices of uncooked beef and corns were around the rice. There were instructions to follow on how to “cook yourself”. Aiya..I should have taken down the instruction given in a small leaflet. If I remembered correctly, first stir everything evenly with butter at the bottom of the plate. Then add the sauce; honey or garlic or both to the rice. Finally, stir again and voila…it’s done. Hmmm..I was wondering whether this food chain can be brought over to Malaysia.

4:15 pm

BIL-3 wanted to go to Sentosa so all of us tagged along. Hubby always wanted to bring Brae to see the fishes at the Underwater World (UW). Unfortunately, Brae was sleeping in the sling throughout the whole tour of the UW. In fact, I was the one who was fascinated by the fishes available at the UW. Some of the fishes available here were not seen before in Aquaria KLCC Convention Centre. Aiyo…Brae woke up once we stepped out of the UW. What a waste! Anyway, we brought him to watch dolphin show which started at 5:30 pm. The show wasn’t that interesting and Brae kept on looking elsewhere rather than the dolphins. We headed back to town after the show.

8:00 pm

BIL-3 had dinner appointment with friends. Therefore, we had dinner with BIL-2 and SL at Tony Roma’s which apparently famous for their ribs. The yummy part was that they served pork! However, the famous baby ribs were out of order. I wasn’t fancy of meat so I ordered Caesar Salad for myself. We also ordered one of their signature dish Onion Loaf for sharing. While we were having dinner, Brae was starting to get cranky. Hubby and I took turn to bring him for walk outside of the restaurant.

10:00 pm

Back to the hotel. We discovered this hotel was quite crappy for the price that we’ve paid. The hot water dispenser for the bath tub was faulty. Worst still, there was no control for the temperature of the air-conditioning. Not to mention no basic essential items such as laundry bag, conditioner, comb, toothbrush. Luckily I bought few sweaters for Brae back in Malaysia. We sponge-bath Brae at the sink. Going to request for a room change tomorrow.

11:00 pm

Nursed Brae to sleep. Three of us ended up hugging each other to warm up. We were freezing cold…!!!

26 April 2006 (Wednesday)

8:45 am

Woke Brae up.

9:10 am

Met BILs and SL at the lobby. Went to have breakfast at kopitiam nearby. I had mee hoon with few pieces of fish cakes and sambal. Sambal was hot and spicy!

10:30 am

Went back to the hotel and fed Brae. After that, we went down to the lobby. I paid $1 for 15 minutes of surfing net, checking emails and blog. Hubby was carrying Brae while waiting for his business associate to pick him up for meeting. After hubby left, I surfed for ½ hour before sending Brae back to the hotel room for his napping.

2:30 pm

Brae woke up. Wanted to go out and get food to eat but raining so we stayed in the room.

3:00 pm

I was getting bored. I thought of buying instant noodles at the convenient store at the lobby. But I ended up going out alone with Brae. I put Brae in the front-carrier, back packed Brae’s bag and took a cab to The Forum shopping mall. I saw Toys R Us there when we walked past yesterday.

3:40 pm

I walked around the mall and discovered an interesting shop called ‘Crosscom’. They sell ergonomic workstation, Moll™ made in Germany which can be used from a child till adulthood. The other interesting thing that I saw was a highchair. The highchair Tripp Trapp® made in Norway has a wooden seat and a foot plate which can be adjusted in both depth and height as the child grows. Woww…I like but it comes with a hefty price of $500++ after discount.

4:10 pm

When I walked out of the shop, I saw hubby was walking towards my direction. I sms-ed him earlier telling him I was in The Forum and he with 2 BILs came to look for us after the business meeting. We went to Toys R Us to look for LeapPad Little Touch for Brae. We bought as it was slightly cheaper compared to the one in Malaysia.

5:00 pm

We walked to The Republic foodcourt in Wisma Atria to have my late lunch.I had a Hakka Yong Tow Fee Mee.

5:40 pm

We took MRT from Orchard to Somerset and walked back to the hotel.

6:30 pm

Hubby went to complain about the hot water. A man came to fix. Apparently the hot water knob was loose. After that, hubby went to shower while mummy was nursing Brae.

7:30 pm

We had dinner with Singaporean friends (Donald & Michele) at Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Marina Square. We tried Hokkaido (Japanese brand ice-cream) ice-cream after the dinner. Their green tea ice-cream was nice.

9:30 pm

We took bus to Orchard Road and walked to Gelatosismo at Lido to try their gelato ice-cream. According to Donald & Michele, their gelatos are the best in Singapore. I had a hazelnut choc gelato.

10:30 pm

Took bus back to the hotel. Hubby discussed with BILs about the check-out procedure for the next day because they had to attend Food & Hotel Asia 2006 fair at 10:30 am leaving mummy, Brae and SL in the hotel.

27 April 2006 (Thursday)

9:30 am

Had breakfast at Meridien Plaza. I had Fish Ball Noodle with mee poh. According to BIL-2, mee poh is a famous mee in Singapore. The noodle was nothing special except it had vinegar in it.

10:30 am

Hubby sent me and Brae back to the hotel room before he went to the fair with his brothers. Brae took his nap while I was packing the bags before we checked out before 1 pm.

12:45 pm

SL helped me to put the luggage in the hotel’s lobby. Hubby and BILs would meet us at Wisma Atria at 2:30 pm. So we walked to Plaza Singapura to shop around before we took the MRT from Dhoby Ghaut to Orchard Road. I bought 2 nursing tops.

2:15 pm

SL and I reached Wisma Atria. Brae was a bit cranky so I went to look for breastfeeding room to nurse him. To my surprise, the breastfeeding room (more like a baby changing room) in this mall was located inside the female toilets with no door to separate between them! Arrrghhh..all the smell!

3:00 pm

Hubby and BILs arrived. We went to Takashimaya foodcourt to have lunch. Had to feed Brae. Hubby went to ask for hot water at the food stall and was told that there was a hot water dispenser at the female toilet. Therefore, I went to the female toilet to get the hot water. The nappy changing room was nicer compared to the one that I went earlier but it was still inside the female toilet. After feeding Brae, we had Breadpappa, Yakitori and ice-cream toasts.

4:50 pm

We went back to the hotel to take the luggages. Took cabs to Waterfront Copthorne Hotel to catch the 5:30 pm Aeroline bus back to KL.

Hahaaa…this journal is so long-winded. Since I am quite an absent-minded person, this journal is good for me to refer next time we go to Singapore. We definitely will pay a visit to Singapore again before second kid comes!!!


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  • 1. Loc Kee  |  Wednesday, May 3, 2006 9:59 pm at 9:59 pm

    Yeah, glad that you enjoy the trip so much…
    my last trip to Spore was 2 years back after SS’s born.

    I like that place tooooo :>

  • 2. IMMomsDaughter  |  Thursday, May 11, 2006 5:24 pm at 5:24 pm

    I’m yearning to go to Sin for the next family vacation. Passport expired means the whole family’s passports would amount to 1k++ and air tickets + hotel adds up to around 4k++. Wah…still thinking but at least I know Grand Central sucks. Thanks for the tip!–>


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