7 months milestones

Thursday, July 13, 2006 11:26 am at 11:26 am 1 comment

Weight : 9.5 kg

Height : 70 cm
Teeth : 2 lower teeth

Physical Development

  • Still hasn’t crawled yet. When we try to put his toys further away to tempt him to crawl, he ends up struggling with his head down or rolls over to get them. *rolling eyes*
  • He prefers to stand or sit.
  • He can sit unsupported most of the time.
  • He doesn’t like to lie down flat.


  • He babbles a lot.
  • Usually says “wa..wa..wa…wa……”.


  • Eats 2 meals + 2 serves of fruit and a snack in a day (refer to Brae’s food) with 3 milk feeds.
  • He is not a fussy eater. He will eat whatever food we give him.
  • He is now starting to eat fruits without steaming.

Brae’s new development

  • He has just started his new Kindermusik Village and Sign & Sing classes. We find that the Kindermusik class is quite useful for Brae and informative for first-time parents like ourselves. Brae is more sociable and friendly towards people now. He used to cry when people carry him, but not anymore. He always tries to give his winning smile when people play with him. As for Sign & Sing classes, we have learnt some signs to communicate with Brae. Brae has not started signing back yet. However, I find that when we sing a song together with the action of signs, Brae is more receptive to the song.
  • When we say, “Braedyn, bao-bao?” or “Braedyn, you want daddy to carry you?”, he will get excited, extend both his hands and try to lift himself out of the car seat to be carried.
  • He still doesn’t like to drink plain water. I have tried using the teats and soft spout, but to no avail. His intake of plain water per day is only 30 ml.
  • It is easier now when we eat dinner outside because he can sit on his own in the highchair. No more taking turns eating while the other carries Brae. Brae has his own rattles to play with (strung to a lanyard) when we eat outside.
  • He is sleeping through the night now after I give him a milk feed just before he sleeps.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, he will turn and toss around the bed, babbling and playing on his own until I pick him up.
  • He likes to blow air through his lips, mimicking my attempts to cool his food down.
  • Whenever I carry him, he will use his left hand to stroke my hair. My hair is short and he never does that to daddy.
  • He likes to scratch his head nowadays. He looks so cute when he scratches his head. I am trying to get a snapshot of that action but no success so far,

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Brae’s first fall from the bed Brae’s new car seat

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  • 1. babykhong  |  Tuesday, August 1, 2006 6:54 pm at 6:54 pm

    Zara’s Mama said…

    Signing is a good way to communicate to a child.
    Zara did a few signs before she could say the words. I wanted to get her to sign more, but my maid wasn’t cooperative, so she only pick up big, small, I love you & more.

    She still sign them even when she can say the word (she’ll sign and say it together).

    Btw, Kindermusic is run by Kidzsports right?

    7/13/2006 10:59:03 PM
    shoppingmum said…

    My Justin also does a few signs, but now he’s not using them often after he knows how to say the words. But he still does the milk milk sign!

    7/13/2006 11:53:02 PM
    Vien said…

    I’m so envious..u guys are having good night sleep. Belle still wakes up middle of the nite! 😦 Brae babbles a lot too huh? I think babies born in the year of Rooster are very chatty. All the Rooster babies I know are very chi cha..hehe

    7/14/2006 05:36:56 AM
    Nadia said…

    Thanks for the compliment. Btw, Brae is so cute! =) Mind if I put a link to your site?

    7/14/2006 09:27:53 AM
    IMMomsDaughter said…

    So fast hor, Brae already 7 months and so good boy, no midnite feeds.

    7/14/2006 10:10:56 AM
    Hui Sia
    Hui Sia said…

    Wow, 30ml is too less..
    Old folk tale is sit at 7 months and crawl at 8 months old, don’t worry, Brae still on his track.

    7/15/2006 08:16:18 PM
    khongfamily said…

    Zara’s mama,
    We go to SIM Music for Kindermusik. The other operator is Kid’s Talent Lodge at Ikano Power Centre.

    Well, you can put Brae on your rooster chi cha list. He certainly is very “chi cha”. He just started saying “wo..wo..wo” when he sees a dog.

    Sure thing.

    7/17/2006 07:19:59 PM
    khongfamily said…

    Yaa..good for me…can have a good night sleep.

    Hui sia,
    Hey, glad you are back. Brae is 8 months liao, but not yet crawling leh…:(


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