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Brae’s response to Vien’s “Yakkity Yak”

I think our little boy enjoyed Belle’s video. Won’t you agree?


Tuesday, August 29, 2006 7:01 pm at 7:01 pm 6 comments

From daddy’s desk – 1st birthday celebration

Survey time. Wifey is looking forward to celebrating Brae’s 1st birthday in a B-I-G way. Myself, not wanting anything with too many people. The maximum I have timed my forced smile is about an hour. After that no more forced smile!

What did everyone do for their babies’ 1st birthday?

Friday, August 25, 2006 5:56 pm at 5:56 pm 9 comments

From daddy’s desk – Brae driving us up the wall

Our little boy is learning very fast. He now knows how to:

  1. Greet both of us by shrieking loudly
  2. Say “wo..wo” when he sees a dog
  3. Slurp noodles through his lips
  4. Suck water through a straw
  5. Crawl (a late starter so he’s making up for it by crawling very fast)
  6. Creep up to the edge of the bed and slowly peep over. Once his eyes clear the edge of the mattress and can view the floor, he will quickly pull his head back and turn around. He has fallen off the bed a 2nd time so he’s smarter now.
  7. Throw a temper tantrum when one of us leaves the room
  8. Demand that we feed him whatever we are eating

The last 2 items, when put together, made our past 2 nights a living hell. Wifey and I went to bed at 3am because of Brae.

Thursday night is dinner with Brae’s mah mah (paternal granny). This means only one thing for Brae, that mah mah will do almost anything to keep him happy. We had dinner at Dragon-i and of course, Brae’s tummy was full of la mian (a type of noodle) as well .

Back home, with Brae in the dining room and both of us in the kitchen preparing his meals for the next day, our smart champion (that’s what I called him nowadays) decided to cry. Cry, cry, cry, scream, scream, more screams. Probably took in a lot of air at the same time.

To calm him down, wifey gave him his goodnight milk feed. Halfway through the feed, he choked on his milk and started coughing. Cough, cough, cough, cough then suddenly he started to throw up.

EVERYTHING he ate since dinner came out. La mian, prunes, rice, meat, milk, water. I still haven’t figured out how so much vomit can come out of a little baby. He looked like a burst fire hydrant while vomiting.

Then, he started to wail, wail, wail. Probably because of the aftertaste in his mouth. We couldn’t cuddle him because he was very messy so we had to let him cry on while we quickly cleaned up. It took us an hour and a half to wash him, give him a warm shower, prepare his food for tomorrow before we could all go to bed.

Brae fell asleep the instant he hit the bed. Er….ok lah…..daddy also fell asleep together with him while mum was in the shower.

Friday, August 25, 2006 5:37 pm at 5:37 pm 4 comments

Why amnio?

1st pregnancy

I was 2 months pregnant when we had our wedding reception in year 2003. No, it is not a shotgun  marriage. In fact, we were already registered the year before and had no intention of holding a formal wedding dinner. In the end, we decided to quell all the usual old-folks tales by holding a dinner just for the ‘super-old-fashioned’ relatives. I was so excited about my first pregnancy that I started to make the big announcement a month after the dinner (baby was 3 months then). Everyone knew about it; families, relatives and friends. Since it was my first time, I always asked around on what to eat, what not to eat, what to do and what not to do. I was so paranoid at that time.

The pregnancy didn’t go on smoothly. I encountered on and off spotting the first two months. During my 4th month, when I went for my usual checkup, I noticed that Dr was taking quite a long time scanning my stomach. As if he was looking for something. He then sat down with us and started to draw something on a piece of paper. Unlike other doctors, we could actually understand what he scribbled on the paper. He told us he discovered something on the baby’s neck. There was a growth behind the baby’s neck which he suspected to be a cystic hygroma (basically a fluid-filled sac) and he suspected the baby had a genetic disorder called ‘Turner’s Syndrome’ and one of the signs is a cystic hygroma. He told us that normally for these type of cases, the baby will not survive beyond 18 weeks. Even if the baby survives, the chances of having severe disabilities are high. After we went out of Dr’s room, my tears started to roll down. I just couldn’t stop crying. Why must the baby suffer? *Sniff sniff……wipe my tears away*

There was nothing that we could do at that time. We just waited and waited. We searched through the net about Turner’s Syndrome to learn more about it. Good news is that cystic hygromas happen all the time and babies can have then removed after they are born. We needed to have an amnio done to see if it was Turner’s.

Don’t know if my gynae was old or he wanted an expert opinion but he called a Dr. Baskaran (who is based at GH KL) to follow him through the amnio. Apparently this Dr. Baskaran is very good at amnios. On the day itself, our gynae couldn’t get the needle into the cystic hygroma so Dr. Baskaran had to go it. He completed the amnio in the time it took our gynae to put on his gloves!

While waiting for the results, Dr told us that there were two options for us when the results come out. Wait and hope for the best or wait and hope for the worst. He told us to expect the latter. You can tell that he already knows that the baby will not make it and would prefer to let nature take its course and avoid terminating the pregnancy at all costs.

A week after the amnio and a week before the results were out, baby’s heartbeat stopped right on 18 weeks. On that day, a part of me died as well.  I had to be admitted to the hospital for surgery and since I was already in my 4th month, labour had to be induced.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 full days. Checked in early in the morning and left very late the next day. I couldn’t remember how many times Dr inserted medication to ripen my cervix. After a few times, I was so scared to see him. It became a painful experience for me everytime he swiped the membranes for the contractions to start. My bag broke the next day. I only had to push a couple of times to get the baby out. After the baby was out, hubby went to look at the baby. I didn’t. The baby was so small.

If all this didn’t happen, Brae wouldn’t be here or he would have a sister. That’s why I have amnios done for Brae and No. 2 and why I won’t tell anyone I am pregnant till the amnio results are out. You won’t believe the crap relatives spew out when they found out. Said that I didn’t eat well, that I don’t look after myself, blah….blah, blah. Hate them all. Hubby has their names written in his little black book for future reference!

Now all I have of our little 1st one are memories and a Polaroid shot from the ultrasound machine. Don’t know if I should have taken a look at baby.

Thursday, August 24, 2006 9:20 pm at 9:20 pm 13 comments

From daddy’s desk – Now the real headache starts

The past week has been very hectic for a myriad of reasons. Got back from Lahad Datu on Thursday night and was back to work on Friday. Had to deal with paperwork brought back from my trip AND my in-tray on my office desk. At this point in time, still grappling with these two things.

Most unfortunately, I also discovered that Zaramama is not only a prolific blogger but possibly the nation’s No. 1 blog visitor. I clicked on 5xMom, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and ended up checking out the rest of Zaramama’s frequent haunts. Now, I have the eyes of a panda and a serious lack of time (and urgency) to get any decent work done in front of the PC.

Then there’s the news of No. 2. Thank you all (registered and unregistered bloggers) who have offered the customary congrats. I take no credit apart from being the productive other half!

My youngest brother asked me the other day whether No. 2 (oh yeah, wifey and I had our name voting conducted last night. Results I’ll let her publish. Don’t want to steal her thunder) was “planned”. Huh? Not too sure what he meant but I told him it was planned. Perhaps one day when he gets married, he might realise that getting pregnant is not as easy as one would think and that “planning” for a baby only goes as far as whether to have one or not.

So, although Brae and No. 2 are 2005 and 2007, they are actually 1 year 3 months apart. Quite close eh? Well, Brae came about after 4 months of physical exhaustion so we gave ourselves some allowance (+ a couple more months because wifey was nursing).

Sorry, back to topic. Apart from the usual education worry, financial worry, we now have a new issue to grapple with….

How to fit 2 of us + 2 babies + 2 strollers + the occasional parent in a car?

I think I have a strong case to present to the home minister requesting for approval for a transport upgrade.

MPV? Stationwagon? School bus (kinda strong hint to wifey, methinks! :))

Another issue:

Can we both deal with 2 babies without help from our human-resource provider located just off Singapore? Should I boycott their “products” because of the haze?

How many here have domestic help? How many don’t? Wifey has domestic help in the form of ME. Though I only clean the house once in a purple moon, I do wash the cars, front porch on a weekly basis. I also clean the bathrooms every fortnight and mow the jungle lawn every month. Most importantly, I do it for free and without stealing mum’s diamond tiara hidden in the kitchen drawer.

While I continue to ponder, I shall request Linpeh to bring in more family-oriented OLIN products. Stuff that I can ACTUALLY use.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 4:58 pm at 4:58 pm 11 comments

I’m pregnant…again!

I’m 18 weeks pregnant now. We just announced my second pregnancy to my MIL and BILs yesterday over dinner. No one notices that I’m pregnant since I always wear nursing shirts, which are loose fitting. I’m not the type of person who announces my pregnancy to everyone in the first trimester. We prefer to wait for the amniocentesis result before the big announcement.

I had my amniocentesis done two weeks ago. Doctor told us the result would be out in two weeks time. As promised, he called us last Friday (a day after hubby came back from Lahad Datu) to inform us the amnio results. The moment Doc told us that the result was normal, I quickly asked him the gender of the baby before he cut the line (he’s not the type to waste time on the phone). “Your amnio result is out. Everything is normal….it’s a girl”, said the Doctor.

It’s a GIRL! When I heard that, I was so happy. Tears started to swell in my eyes when I told hubby, who was there at that time holding Brae. He was so excited to get a name for girl girl. Last weekend, we camped at the bookshop to look for a name. Fortunately, Brae was sleeping in the stroller at that time. Each of us was flipping through baby name books to shortlist names we fancied. Will update soon when we have the voting done. 🙂

Monday, August 21, 2006 7:14 pm at 7:14 pm 13 comments

Hubby is away

Hubby is going to Lahad Datu for a business trip tomorrow with his brothers. A few days earlier, he asked me whether I would like to tag along, with Brae of course, as he was worried that I would not be able to cope with him alone. Actually, this is his first outstation trip since Brae was born. He has been delaying this trip to Lahad Datu for quite some time now but this time, he really has to make the trip.

What do I do with Brae at Lahad Datu? He suggested that I stay in the hotel when he does what he needs to do there. Apparently, there is nothing much that I can do in a small town like Lahad Datu.  He told me that it is really backward, with no runway lights at the airport, a single gate at the airport, etc. Something like a cowboy town, I suppose. Furthermore, I have to bring a lot of Braedyn’s stuff there to keep him occupied at the hotel. Since I was not feeling particularly hardworking, I decided to stay at home with Braedyn.

Hmmm…now comes to my concern. What do I do with Brae at home? And myself? Come to think of it, I’m a bit reluctant to let hubby go, furthermore for 3 days 2 nights. I’m too used to having hubby ‘ta pau’ lunch for me, bathing Brae at night before he sleeps, feeding Brae when I’m ‘mang jang’ from Brae not eating his food, chauffering us out for dinner and for grocery shopping. Now I have to be all independent and the most scary part, I have to ‘sek ji gei’ (get my own food). I HATE eating alone! I’d rather not eat. So boring, eating alone. Perhaps I should cook more of Brae’s porridge and eat with Brae

Next thing is I have to sleep ALONE. Not really, actually, because fortunately I have Brae to sleep with me. But that’s not the same as having hubby beside me.

Now I have to change my daily routine because hubby is not around. Huhhh, I can’t wait till Thursday when he gets back. 😦

Monday, August 14, 2006 9:19 pm at 9:19 pm 8 comments

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