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From daddy’s desk – What is a breast pump to you? (Pt. 2)

Thank you for all your comments. Lemme do a quick count; 2 agree with me, 4 don’t and 2 are neutral/undecided.

Really don’t know. To me, it is as personal as a toothbrush. I have heard of people who also categorise their hairbrush as a personal item so I guess it depends on the person.

Think about it, for the 4 who have no issues about loaning, are you referring to just the pump or the entire set including bottles and teats. I did not make it clear in my 1st post but the person asking for the pump will probably ask for the bottles and teats as well as she only wants to use the pump for a short while. Toothbrush goes into the mouth, likewise the teats. Will your answers change if you have to loan the teats as well?

It also depends on the person asking, I suppose. I have a very low tolerance level for “moh liu” (Cantonese for…….someone please help me out here…. ) people. The person in question is No. 1 in telling the whole world that she has no moolah, always short in moolah, blah blah blah….but when crunch time comes, lots of money to spend on clothing, etc.

My clueless wifey, always the nice girl from next door, gets trampled by these people on their way up the social status ladder.  (Frequent visitors who want a water-fish, you know who to look for now :))

So Mom2Ashley, nothing wrong with the value of the gift as far as I am concerned but when it comes from someone who places great importance on the price tag, it only shows the sincerity of the giver.


Friday, September 29, 2006 5:10 pm at 5:10 pm 9 comments

Brae is eating PAPER!

We were having lunch at Delicious, 1-Utama last weekend. While going through the menu on what to order, Brae was helping himself to the paper placemat in front of him. After I finished ordering, I took back the paper from Brae and discovered that one corner of the paper was gone! Brae was happily chewing on something in his mouth. I quickly ordered hubby to have a look inside Brae’s mouth. He couldn’t find anything, even after using his fingers to pry open his mouth. I hope Brae found it tasty but judging from his response, maybe not. *rolled eyes*


The corner of the paper was gone!

Brae's reaction to paper eating

Brae’s reaction after eating the paper. “Yucks!!!”

Friday, September 29, 2006 4:53 pm at 4:53 pm 4 comments

From daddy’s desk – What is a breast pump to you?

What a crap day today. Stayed up till the wee hours of the morning going through work. Had an important discussion this morning with my brain half asleep. Then, I get the news that wifey just agreed to loan her breast pump to someone else. Boy was I incensed! Yup, I am very particular who our things go to.

Maybe it is just me but I have always considered a breast pump similar to a toothbrush. A personal item. I know some of you may say that after sterilisation, everything is as good as new. For these people, can I borrow your toothbrush and return it after sterilising it? Same logic isn’t it?

Worst thing is that this particular person who requested for the pump used the lack of money as a reason for not buying one herself. Tell me, since when did SJMC patients have no money for a breast pump?

Seriously the stingiest person on the planet. She gave Braedyn a pack of Drypers M nappies for his full-moon. For her new-born, we gave her a RM50 ang-pow and a very, very fancy RM60+ dress from Mothercare. See, we are such nice people.

Before you all think I am a monster, please bear in mind that No. 2 is coming in 3 months’ time. I won’t give a hoot if we are totally done with the breast pump.

Arrrrgghhh!!!! Some people are just leaches. Suck me dry, financially and mentally.

Thursday, September 28, 2006 12:56 pm at 12:56 pm 9 comments

Brae: 10 months old

Braedyn’s 10-month milestones update is long overdue, however it’s never too late.

Weight: 10.6 kg
Height: 75 cm
Teeth: 2 lower teeth, 4 upper teeth (still the same)

Physical Development

  • He can crawl very fast now. Unlike most babies, he crawls with his tummy on the floor so definitely a combat crawler.
  • He can grab small objects/food between his thumb and index finger.


  • He is starting to reply when we question him. Most of his replies are “ngm..ngmm..hmm”.


  • New food: baby corn, cherry tomatoes, water chestnuts, mee suah and onion
  • New fruit: strawberries and watermelon
  • He is still eating 3 meals a day with 3 milk feeds. His breakfast includes cornflakes, oatmeals or baby biscuits (Rusk or Gerber) with milk instead of his rice cereal.

Brae’s new development

  • His new development is ‘pointing‘. He points to anything that interests him with his index finger. Mummy or daddy has to tell him what he’s pointing at though we suspect we could be referring to the wrong thing.
  • He loves kids. Whenever he sees kids or babies, he gets very excited and tries to call for them.
  • He is now very good at throwing tantrums. He will scream and scream just to get his way. What a persistent boy!
  • He likes to drop or throw objects on the floor when he loses interest in them. Perhaps he likes to hear the sound of the objects dropping on the floor.
  • He is a smarter boy now after falling off the bed twice. He will crawl to the edge of the bed, look down with his two hands grabbing tight at the edge and start to reverse.
  • He likes to play with water these days. Whenever he is in the bathtub, he will splash the water with his hands.
  • We are training him to hold his own bottle when drinking his milk. Sometimes, he will co-operate but most of the time, we end up holding the bottle for him.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:04 pm at 6:04 pm 6 comments

Brae’s new bike

Brae's bike

We have been thinking whether we should get Brae a walker. We let him try out a few walkers at the shops but he seems more interested in the toys attached to the walker. He did take a few steps but all were backwards. In the end, we decided not to buy one. We got him a Fisher Price ‘walker cum rider‘ instead. He loves it so much. However, he couldn’t move forward too and always ended up moving backwards.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 7:54 pm at 7:54 pm 8 comments

Cried, cried, cried….

Hubby went to Singapore for a business trip for two days last week. I thought it would be difficult for me to handle Brae alone at home since he’s an expert in crawling already. I wouldn’t have time to make myself a decent meal or even have a quick shower. Therefore, I decided to bring Brae to my aunty’s house in Ampang to stay for one night. My aunt is staying with my two cousins and they have 4 kids at home, Brae can have someone to play with and I can give myself a break.

I was a bit worried that Brae would cry in the car since it was my first time driving all the way from PJ to Ampang. Hubby kept on reminding me to ignore him if he cries and concentrate on my driving (daddykhong: which is extremely poor for Malaysian standards, more so when she has depended on me for transportation requirements since Brae was born).

On Tuesday, I began our journey at 2 pm after Brae’s lunch. I made sure that I had a pacifier to calm him down in case he ‘lau kai’ because he is famous of throwing things after he gets bored with them.

At first he was okay. By the time I reached the Motorola bridge, it was so jammed and Brae started to cry, “Uuaaaaa…., buuaaaaa…, aaaaa….”, stopped for a while and continued crying. As expected, he threw his pacifier away. When I gave him another one, he swung his hand and that pacifier dropped as well. *slapped head*. I tried switching the music to a high volume, talking to him, singing nursery rhymes and patting him but all failed to stop him from crying.

I gave up and let him cry while I continued to head towards Ampang as fast as I can. It was already 3 pm when I reached my aunty’s house. When I stopped the engine, my cousin tried to help me carry Brae, he was still crying loudly. Poor boy! They were so surprised that I let him cry all the way and asked me why didn’t I put the car seat in front so that I can entertain him (daddykhong: Yeah, and crash the car while doing it!).

The first day wasn’t going too well. Brae kept on clinging to me. He wouldn’t let anyone carry him. Even when my nieces played with him, he wanted to sit on my lap. He wouldn’t want to crawl on the floor either. That was the first time I felt he was so clingy to me or the dad. Fortunately, he didn’t have trouble sleeping at night, or else I would be heading home straight away.

The next day was much better. He crawled on the floor, smiled and laughed when the kids played with him, not fussy with the food cooked by my aunt and let other people carry him as long as I wasn’t in sight.

We made our way home at 4 pm. This time, I waited until he was a bit tired and sleepy so that he could sleep in the car. Luckily, the traffic at that time was better and he slept all the way home. Phewww…!

However, Brae started his crankiness again when we reached home. He kept wanting me to carry him and refused to sit on the highchair while I was fixing his dinner. I put him to sleep at 10 pm, earlier than his usual time and he slept the whole night through. I was very, very tired when hubby reached home at 12 am. We still managed to update each other on what we each did during our time apart before we fell asleep.

Now, I really have to think twice when I want to drive with Brae alone.

Monday, September 25, 2006 5:52 pm at 5:52 pm 9 comments

Brae & Pomelo

When I was a little kid, we always played with the pomelo peels left behind by our parents. Hubby cut one recently and we couldn’t resist passing the peel to Brae.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 7:26 pm at 7:26 pm 5 comments

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