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Confinement lady found

I finally found a confinement lady (CL) who was recommended by my midwife. I nearly gave up getting one after making so many calls and finding them all unavailable. My backup option was to call my MIL to help me keep an eye on Brae for the whole confinement period (which I really do not wish to do as I do not want to trouble her).

A week back, I received an SMS from my midwife telling me she had a client who had a CL which was quite good. I called the number she gave me and was expecting the usual reply “Sorry, I am not available”. To my surprise, she agreed to be my CL but she won’t be able to help me for the first few days due to a clash in timetable. Therefore, she suggested to get her friend to help me before she takes over after she is done with her other confinement job.

She told me the charges were double because of CNY, I nearly fainted when I heard the price – RM4288 and I wondered whether it is the standard price charged. I told her that if I would only require her services for 3 weeks so she dropped her price to RM2800.

We met her on Tuesday to discuss about the details. From the conversation, we found her to be quite okay.

Hope that I won’t be having a tough time with her. *cross fingers*


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Confinement lady list

I searched high and low for a confinement lady (CL) on the net from bloggers and forums. I found a blog which had a list given by Jazzmint, apparently the list was extracted from a forum. Therefore I searched for the forum and found the same list and also recommendations for an ‘urut’ (massage) lady.

Since I’m desperate for a CL, I called ALL of them. As expected, all the GOOD ones were booked and some of them are no longer working as CL. I decided to compile the list again for my future reference (if we decide to have a 3rd one?) (daddykhong: from her hints, don’t think so) and for others who need it. (more…)

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Brae: Hair cut

Brae had his hair cut after his 1st birthday. Since Daddykhong was going to cut his hair, we requested our usual hairstylist to trim Brae’s hair as well. Fortunately, he didn’t make a fuss during the trimming.

Brae's hair cut

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NZN @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Daddykhong had to go to Penang for 2 nights for the opening of a New Zealand Natural (NZN) outlet at Queensbay Mall, so mummy and Brae tagged along. We started our drive on Tuesday evening after daddykhong settled his work in the office and we arrived at Queensbay Mall just in time for dinner, which we had at the Dome outlet there (I know, drive all the way to Penang and settle for a dinner at Dome. Rather sad!) After dinner, my BILs helped out with setting up the store for the grand opening the next day while the 3 of us went mall-touring.

We noticed that most of the F&B outlets in the mall were packed except for The Chicken Rice Shop, Siam Express and Bakerzin. Bakerzin is doing very well in Bangsar Village and 1-Utama but not in Penang. I wonder why?

Later, we made our way back to the NZN outlet and while daddykhong was helping out with the outlet setting-up, I took the opportunity to tone my flabby thighs by pushing Brae round and round the mall (for God knows how many times, I lost count!)

It was already 11pm by the time we were done and we made our way back to Krystal Suites which will be our home for the next 2 nights. We had a 2-room apartment with a room for the BILs and a room for the 3 of us. Brae decided to test the quality of the bulbs in our bedroom by pressing the light switch on-off-on-off many, many times. Everytime we stopped him, he would make a fuss and make his way to the other side of the bed where another switch awaits. He only stopped when the bulb failed to light up despite his efforts (we switched the lamp off at the mains).

13th November 2006 (Wednesday)

New Zealand Natural @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Grand opening day – We woke up at 7:30 am and fortunately Brae got up at the same time too. Knowing that my BILs would either skip breakfast or grab a quick bite at Queensbay, we decided to have breakfast at a nearby coffee shop so that we can at least say we tried some local fare. (Aside, BIL 1 who was in Penang 5 days earlier, had each and every meal at Queensbay Mall and promptly fell sick by the time we arrived. If you want reviews for all the F&B outlets at Queensbay, you can ask him).

Since the Queensbay outlet is NZN’s 1st outlet outside the Klang Valley, a charity drive was initiated where 10% of the sales from opening till end January 2007 will be donated to a local charity (St. Joseph’s) so to give the home’s kids a treat, they were all invited for the opening to eat all the ice-cream they want. 26 of them turned up and while they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, a part of me felt very sad for them because they are either orphans, from broken families or have been abandoned by their parents. The youngest there was 5 years old and he was such a cutie-pie. The kids were accompanied by Mr. Anthony and Miss Mag from the home. I guess it is not often that the kids can have unlimited ice-cream so they kept eating and eating and eating non-stop till their hands turned cold (they came over to shake hands with all of us before they left so we knew how cold their hands were). Three clowns were also roped in to entertain the children and some of the children entertained Brae. All in all, the opening ceremony took about an hour.

Clown showing his skills to the children

Clowns greeting the children

Children playing with Brae

Isn’t he cute?

Brae in a freezer basket

I wanna get up!

Much later in the day, we had our dinner at Breeks Cafe (yes, BIL1’s addiction to Queensbay Mall joints has spread to us too!). The food was very mediocre. I shared a mushroom and cheese sandwich with Brae. It was only our 2nd meal at the mall and we were already ‘jia lat’ (sick) of the food there. Cannot tahan anymore, die-die must put some decent Penang hawker fare into our stomachs. Most fortunately, daddykhong’s cousin called us out for supper in Jelutong where we had ‘Qing Bou Liang’ from a pink corner shop (good dessert but very poor taste in colour matching – the whole shop was painted yellow and pink – yucks). Also had some finger food and Hokkien Mee. Brae fell asleep in daddykhong’s arms halfway through supper.

14th November 2006 (Thursday)

We woke up late at around 10am. After checking out we had brunch at the same nearby coffee shop before heading back to the outlet to make sure everything is fine before heading off for home. We left at 2:30pm, stopped by my hometown Tapah to say hi and have an early dinner before finally arriving back home in the evening.

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Our visit to Zoo Negara – Part II

We brought Brae to Zoo Negara on 10th November (Sunday). We got there at 3-ish and it was so sunny and packed with people. We really shouldn’t go during school holidays! Brae’s face starting to glow red from the heat. The first animal he was introduced to were the monkeys which thoroughly frightened him because they started swinging towards him when they saw us. Apart from him crying, his usual expression for most of the trip was him staring intently at the animals without blinking. You could almost hear the gears in his head spin while he was absorbing the information.

So, as you can see from the pictures below, Brae cried when he saw the monkeys, pointed curiously at the pony and was scared of the buffaloes.

After a while, he started to warm up and started pointing at the animals. Then, it rained. From then on, we hopped from rain shelter to rain shelter whenever the rain eased off. Brae was so tired that he fell asleep in the stroller so he missed several animals but he managed to wake up in time for the elephants and the giraffes.

It was already 7+ pm when we headed home. Fortunately Brae didn’t fall sick the next day from the rain.

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Blogger mummy meet-up

Annie Q, Angeleyes, Laundryamah and I had a meet-up on 9th November (Saturday) at Bangsar Village. I received a call from Annie Q on Saturday morning asking me whether I could join them for a meet-up. Since I needed to get the gymboree FOC voucher from Annie (alamak, let the cat out of the bag), I decided to go. No lah, I was very honoured to be invited to join the very happening blogger mummies meet-up so must go lah!

After Brae’s Kindermusik class, daddykhong dropped me off at Bangsar Village. The lot of us had a delicious lunch at Delicious (pun intended). Brae was enjoying himself and smiling at everyone. As usual, had to feed him food to keep him occupied!

Group photo

Brae & Darrius

It was nice to meet Angeleyes as her boy, Darrius was born in the same month and year as Brae. They were seated side by side on the highchairs. Darrius can really SCREAAMMM his lungs out!

Piggybeng, Darrius & Angeleyes

Annie brought her twins along. I have yet to recognise which one is Fearles & Cruz.

Annie Q and her twins

Laundryamah brought her boy, Kieran along. She has another daughter, Kylie but I haven’t met her before. Hope she will bring her along next time. I was so busy with Brae until I forgot to take her photo 😦 .

More stories on:-

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Our visit to Zoo Negara – Part I

We finally brought Braedyn to the Zoo. Wifey will bring you her usual pictures and her politically-correct talk soon but for now, daddykhong will need to let off some steam (nope, the downpour during the 2nd half of our trip didn’t cool me down).

Dim-witted Malaysians who feed the animals

This happened many times. I’ll talk about the memorable ones.

  • The budak with less brains than the monkey. A group of 3 teenage boys and their parents in front of the monkey cage (with the usual “Do not feed the animals” sign). The boys try their utmost best to look for some food, they check their pockets, ask each other, ask their parents and I sincerely thought they were all kind-hearted (though dim-witted) enough to spare some food for the monkeys. After they finally find some food in the form of a drink, one of them offers it to the monkey, waits for the monkey to reach out, then quickly pulls it back and ALL 3 of them laugh mockingly at the hapless monkey. How god-damned low can one go? The parents couldn’t even care less and right at that moment, I could have just reached over the slapped the kid’s head silly. Tell me, the monkey or the idiot offering the drink . Who has more brains? What do schools teach these days anyway?
  • The deer who loves sugar lollies. I always thought that deer nibble on grass and the like. Well, I learnt something new at Zoo Negara. Sugar lolly-loving deer. Malaysia Book of Records material. Someone remind me to submit to Datuk Danny. This female couple, one of them with a bag of lollies decided to give the deer a treat. So, female 1 took out a lolly and chucked it into the enclosure (of course ada “Do not feed the animals sign” lah….don’t need to ask. Malaysia, land of many signs that nobody follows!). The lolly falls into the mud in front of the deer, deer sniffs at it and ignores it. Female 2 tells female 1 that deer do not eat lollies and you know what female 1 replies??? “Ada lumpur, so dia tak makan!” Aiyo, I nearly pengsan when I heard that. She proceeds to throw a 2nd piece in and this time it misses the mud and lands on the grass. But deer still ignores it! Someone should have told them that deer do not fancy lollies. Seriously, what’s wrong with our education system these days? 20 year olds who do not follow signs and think that deer love candy.

The lovey-dovey couple

Nope, this is not one of those JAIS videos where the camera man goes, “Dah kahwin ke belum?” While wifey, Brae and I were waiting out under a shelter for the rain to pass (we waited under a grand total of 5 shelters), there was this couple probably in their late teens or early 20s who just made their way to the shelter from the heavy drizzle. They sat down beside us and the girl took out a packet of tissue for the guy to wipe the both of them dry. Eye candy and sweet talk aside, after the 1st piece of tissue was drenched with the sweat of love + some rain, the girl (being closer to the bin I suppose) made a REALLY feeble attempt to dispose of the tissue by throwing it towards the general direction of the tong sampah (which stands in the rain). Obviously a virgin to the intricacies of the science of water, the girl’s tissue, wet as it was, and made even more wet by the rain, plopped to the ground beside the bin. There was no attempt to retrieve it and this was followed by a 2nd and 3rd tissue. Boy was I incensed!

Upon closer inspection, the bin’s disposal opening was covered by a flap so even if she scored bulls-eye, the tissue would not have made it inside the bin. Another point for the idiots. I sincerely hope that when they throw their used condoms away, that they not use the same tidak-apa method of disposal. Nanti really kena the wrath of JAIS and with physical evidence to boot!

Fortunately, there were a few good moments like people holding the door open for me because I was carrying Braedyn or those who would offer their seat in the shelter for me so that I can rest my tired arms. The trip was alright considering I have not set foot in the Zoo for more than 15 years. There is less rubbish around, more greenery, no more Kentucky Fried Chicken, same sad enclosures and animals. Oh ya, ticket prices have gone up since I last visited.

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