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Tuesday, December 5, 2006 1:04 am at 1:04 am 12 comments

Wifey must be really desperate to get a confinement nanny because she actually took the initiative to do some research on the Net, shortlist some confinement nannies, AND CALL THEM!!! Bravo, dear. I am most impressed. (For the uninitiated, I usually have to prod her countless times before she gets it done). The last I have seen her so industrious is when she searched online for a solution to her Blogspot problem.

I haven’t spoken to her in great depth (thanks to work and a tenacious little boy) but here are some snippets of her conversations with her potential nannies:

  • “What type of place is yours? Condo or a B-I-G house?”
  • “Is this your 1st child? 2nd one ah, I won’t be responsible for No. 1, ok?”
  • “I still prefer working for a Singaporean family. Their HDB flats are more manageable!”
  • “I should be free around that time.”
  • “Ha….Chinese New Year just around the corner!”

Then there are those who jabber away in Hokkien without even asking whether wifey can understand first. Wifey’s the type who won’t understand that you are swearing at her if you do it in Hokkien, it really is THAT BAD!

To make things worse, wifey then tells me that she read a story in the USJ website forum about some confinement nanny provided by a reputable agent in PJ (Pei Ling?) who can somehow miraculously calm a very difficult baby each and every night without fail. Sensing something was wrong, she caught the nanny feeding the baby some potion which lab tests show is some sort of sedative!!!!

*Sigh* looks like we are going to have to recruit my mum to do the confinement. Most depressing.


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  • 1. Vien  |  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 3:22 am at 3:22 am

    Just hang in there, I’m sure you guys will find a good confinement lady. At least you have a backup plan (your mom) unlike some of my co-workers who have to handle 2-3 kids themselves.

  • 2. KGC  |  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 10:34 am at 10:34 am

    Saw your post. Always remember to choose a good one, luck sometimes counts! I had one which I sacked after a day. She washed my baby’s mouth with bathing water (mixed with a little bit of guiness stout)! My baby was only 4 days old at that time. To this day, I condemn her!

  • 3. nadia  |  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 1:03 pm at 1:03 pm

    Oh dear, horrible, horrible stories! Scares me, man! I think although it is very depressing to train your mom (from what I’ve read about her lah), you should train her. Just close one eye for 30 days lah? Err, or is it more? Nways, my point is, she’s the grandma, so hopefully, she’ll take better care of Brae and #2. Yes? No?

    Good luck!

  • 4. Sasha  |  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 1:40 pm at 1:40 pm

    like dat just hire “mum” and sound. just remember have to give angpow back, and also i heard have to buy 1 set of pajamas for them wor..dunno why.

  • 5. huisia  |  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 4:50 pm at 4:50 pm

    Lim Sui Tew (Ah Kiaw) – from Sg. Petani, with 10 yrs experience.
    tel : 04-4424489 (can also call her son’s h/p at 012-4525343
    Wu Shen (age 50+) – from Malacca, worked in S’pore & M’sia before
    tel : 012-6613114
    Mrs Ngiam (age 40+) – highly recommended
    tel : 019-758 0034
    Nyme Jie – from Setiawan
    tel : 05-6919079
    Madam Pang – from Malacca
    tel : 06-3367949 / 012-9722 368
    Aunty Qiu Ju – from J.B.
    tel : 07-755 3906
    Madam Wong Swee Yong – from Bentong
    tel : 09-222 1099
    Lan Cheh – tel : 4149 5217
    These are CLs who have worked with some mothers and are highly recommended. Everyone said Mrs Ngiam is good, but she tends not reliable, this minute she agreed to be your CL, but few months later she would call you and cancel the help.

    Hui Sia, thank you so much for the comprehensive CL list. FYI, I got the list already from a blog which I searched earlier and I called all of them already. Most of them are not available or not working as CL anymore. *sigh*

  • 6. shoppingmum  |  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 8:32 pm at 8:32 pm

    Gosh, I wish I know any CL but I don’t
    Hui Sia gave a good list to start with..
    Good luck!

  • 7. Hijackqueen  |  Wednesday, December 6, 2006 1:36 pm at 1:36 pm

    Wow! Hui sia, i’m impress with your list. Sitiawan mali one also got ah. lol. Hey, there’s another one in SS2.

  • 8. babykhong  |  Wednesday, December 6, 2006 7:42 pm at 7:42 pm

    Thank you everyone for your info. It’s too late to get one now as all the GOOD ones already booked.

  • 9. Angeleyes  |  Thursday, December 7, 2006 8:29 am at 8:29 am

    I think your mom is still the best bet… although some moms have very traditional thinking and can be very naggy at times… it’s all for our own good… at least you know they won’t harm your babies… my mom was very naggy and wasn’t so BF supportive but she still bear with my demands and we survived the 30 days… 🙂

  • 10. Immomsdaughter  |  Friday, December 8, 2006 11:16 am at 11:16 am

    Other option, try catering the confinement food. The rest gotta DIY like me as I fired my CL after 10 days. As for house chores, leave it. Daddykhong can take couple days leave to help or not?

    Ya..thinking of catering the food instead and get MIL to keep an eye on Brae. Daddykhong prefers not to have CL at all. He is willing to help me but I don’t want to disturb his work eventhough he says he will work from home.

  • 11. Annie Q  |  Friday, December 8, 2006 11:54 am at 11:54 am

    wow wow wow!! CL..a headache issue.Hope u can find a good one. U know i get my CL import from Sarawak.But she also give me a hard time too!! Too many CL stories! So i wont recommend one,better is to get our own mummy to do it for us.When is Yvonne Due?

    Hmmm…don’t think of getting one now, too many horror stories and I’m going to due soon in mid Jan. Woww…your CL imported one ahhh…must be not cheap ler.

  • 12. zara's mama  |  Monday, December 11, 2006 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have your mum helped out? I mean if she’s willing to.

    I wasn’t able to recruit MIL as she wasn’t willing to. Even when we kicked ours out day 2, she didn’t want to help.

    Nice? I don’t think so. Will post an update for everyone soon.


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