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Braedyn’s milestones since the last one!

Since wifey is too busy to post milestones on a monthly basis (and probably will NEVER find the time in the foreseeable future), I have taken the liberty to do it for her. My apologies if there are any repeats or if I list them in a random order instead of categorising them. I just write whatever pops into my head.

Our little champion can now:

  • Get off our bed on his own. He will crawl to the edge, turn his body 180 degrees and S-L-O-W-L-Y push himself backwards till his feet touch the ground. Sometime when we are observing him, he will give himself a couple of claps (which I think means he knows he’s done a good job) before doing something else.
  • Scratch his mozzie bites. This one is proving to be a real headache. As wifey is home 24-7 with Shayanne, there is zero opportunity for us to spray aerosol around the house (which we used to do on a weekly basis). So the mozzies are having a field day feasting on Braedyn and he in turn is having loads of fun scratching away. I’ve just bought some steroid cream to minimise the itches and some natural mozzie repellant to keep the mozzies at bay.
  • Signing. He’s signing very well now. He knows what to do when he wants music, more food, lights, come here and signalling that he wants to do a poo-poo (basically grabbing his crotch)
  • Screwing caps on bottles – Well not all the way but he will place the cap in position, push it down straight and give it a twist or so.
  • Food – eats almost everything that we eat except for seafood and nuts. He loves iced teh-si.

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Updates from daddykhong

It has beenĀ  4 days since Shayanne entered our lives and, as expected, we have been kept on our toes since then. So many never-ending things to do, at home, at work, everywhere.

My nature of work does not allow me to take breaks of any kind because it only means I have mountains of paperwork to dig through when I return. I was just away from the office for 1 entire day (had the intention to go in for 1/2 day but circumstances did not permit me) and when I got in the next day……there was literally a MOUNTAIN of paperwork on my desk.

Anyway, enough about work. More on the family.

Kor kor Braedyn seems to take to Shayanne very well. We expected the worst but to date he has only asked me to carry him (while I was carrying Shayanne) twice. He knows that Mei Mei is no longer in mummy’s tummy but a real person. He will kiss Shayanne when asked to and he LOVES to caress her face (though he can be quite rough because he cannot control the pressure exerted). When Mei Mei cries and requires our attention, he will sit by the side and observe. I must say I am very, very proud of him. Grown up overnight he has.

Wifey and I have totally forgotten how to care for a newborn which is surprising considering that both of them are only 15 months apart. Things are coming back slowly though. I think if we had a larger gap between Braedyn and Shayanne, we would be in worse shape.

Putting Braedyn to bed is difficult though, he would insist of being close to Mei Mei and mummy which is not possible because he might roll over her. So I end up with him at the foot of the bed with mummy and Mei Mei at the head. Fortunately, once he falls asleep he will continue to sleep through Shayanne’s cries till his usual wake-up time in the morning. When he wakes up he will crawl over and give Mei Mei a kiss. We hope that continues.

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Shayanne’s picture

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Wifey’s delivery went very well. Labour only took slightly less than 2 hours. Both mother and baby are well. Our little girl will be called Shayanne, Chinese name we have no clue.

She weighs 3.37kg (just like Braedyn’s birth weight) and looks just like him. Having trouble uploading the photo so just look at Braedyn’s younger photos.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 4:42 pm at 4:42 pm 17 comments


….the big day has been confirmed. Baby’s due date has come and passed a couple of days back. Many people have called to ask why did we not inform them of the baby’s arrival only to be told that the baby is running late (much like daddy who is ALWAYS running late for appointments too!)

So the big day will be tomorrow (Wednesday). Updates and photos later.

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Brae’s infectious laugh


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Brae’s Pixart PhotoBook

I’ve been spending the past few months to create a Pixart PhotoBook detailing Braedyn’s milestones in his first year. Something for him to cherish as he grows older. My thoughts on Pixart:

  • Their customer service is impressive. They guided me through the whole process when I had difficulty uploading the photos to their site (daddykhong: if the site wasn’t so problematic in the first place, there would be no need for impressive CS, right? For an IT-based company, fail already!)
  • I’m not sure where the problem lies. It took me 5 hours to upload 27 pages. I had to split the book into 2 files for uploading (daddykhong: See what I mean?).
  • The finished product is not as nice as I thought it would be. Maybe it is due to the low resolution photos I provided (daddykhong: What utter rubbish? How can photos taken with a 3.2 MP camera be “low-resolution”? Maybe their printer was set on draft mode!)

Anyway, here are a few snapshots of the book:-

Thursday, January 18, 2007 12:44 am at 12:44 am 7 comments

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