We’re very close to being a family of 4!

Friday, January 12, 2007 8:59 pm at 8:59 pm 4 comments

Finally, the end is in sight. No more grumbles from wifey about back pain and baby kicking disrupting her sleep. No more heartache seeing how difficult it is to carry a baby in the final months of a pregnancy. And most importantly, bigger family certainly equates to a bigger car (nudge, nudge, wink!)

2 weeks ago the Dr said that everything is ok and that if the baby were to arrive right then, it will be fine. Stupid me, actually expected the baby to arrive the very next day. Waited for 14 days and only today the Dr said, “I’ll schedule your appointment for next week but I doubt you’ll make it” That fella very smart one….said that wifey’s cervix is opening already.

So I’m expecting the big day to happen over the weekend making both babies, weekend babies.

New year, new baby, new car…….perfect!


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Waiting for the D-Day Braedyn abusing himself!

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  • 1. sasha  |  Friday, January 12, 2007 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm

    wah wah wah so kan cheong edi!

  • 2. Julian  |  Saturday, January 13, 2007 11:09 am at 11:09 am

    more crying in the family! hehehehe

  • 3. Irene  |  Wednesday, January 17, 2007 7:25 am at 7:25 am

    Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Here’s wishing you a supernatural childbirth too!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the new baby.

  • 4. zara's mama  |  Friday, January 19, 2007 9:44 pm at 9:44 pm

    I guess it didn’t happen yet?

    Hahaha..not yet wor. In fact, it’s overdue already.


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