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Braedyn is sick

Our poor little boy is currently going through his first bout of diahorrea, a full-blown case of food poisoning. Poor thing and poor us. It has been 4 days already with no signs of it easing.

The basic routine is this; purge, change of nappy (with screams and all), peace and quiet, then purge, so on and so forth with the gap between each cycle ranging from an hour to 2 hours.

On the 2nd night from midnight to 6am, we changed his nappy 3 times. That day, we changed a total of 9 times. We wiped his poor bum until it became all sore which meant we ended up using the shower rose to wash him. The warm water made his sore bum even more tender…Ouch! So now the routine is; purge, nappy change – with water wash and lots of cream on the affected areas, peace and quiet.

Dr gave him his fever medication, some probiotic bacteria for his tummy and some salts to dissolve in water to drink. The salts are meant to make his intestines absorb more water but Braedyn would not take his salt drink. One sip, a quick shake of the head and a shove and the cup would end up on daddy’s lap. Daddy would take a sip, turn his head around (so that Braedyn can’t see), make a face and stick out his tongue and the cup would end up on my lap. A real funny tasting drink.

We’re off to see Dr again tonight because the fever comes and goes while the diahorrea hasn’t improved one bit. Want to seek his opinion before he goes on his break the next 2 days.


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Shayanne: 3 months old


I smile so much…..milk flowing out also dunno

More smiles from Shayanne

Shayanne mei-mei & Braedyn kor-kor


Yay….Shayanne is 3 months old already.

Updates on Shayanne:-

  • Weight: 6.2 kg Height: 61 cm
  • Breastfed exclusively. She knows when to stop and turn her head away from the breast when she is full. However, it is very difficult to get her to latch on when we are outside because she is easily distracted by the surroundings!
  • She smiles and laughs a lot!!! She loves it when people talk and play with her.
  • She takes a 4-hour long nap in the afternoons from 2 to 6pm. This is the time when I can have some time with Brae.
  • During the nights, she sleeps on her side because of the feeding. Sometimes, she will topple down on her tummy and continue to sleep.
  • She is really an easy-going baby with less crying (according to the midwife, 2nd baby no colic?) but when she starts to cry, she really cries her lungs out – kicking and kicking her legs untill her whole body turns sideways.
  • She loves to watch TV. She always turns her head towards the TV when the TV is on.
  • She’s always wakes up in a good mood. She will lie on her back and mumble to herself. The exact opposite to her brother who ALWAYS wakes up crying.
  • She gets cranky as the night progresses making her a morning person. Probably the only morning person in the house.

Updates on mum:-

  • What’s there to update apart from the fact that I am half-dead from exhaustion. Need to look after the kids during the day and pamper daddykhong at night!! Kidding only about the night bit 🙂
  • I am still 6kg away from my target weight. Daddykhong says he has lots of ideas to help me lose my weight but judging from his sly smile on his face, it is best I don’t ask him to elaborate!

Updates on dad:-

  • He’s definitely 3/4 dead from work, work, more work, kids, housework whenever possible, and putting up with my sour plum mood whenever the Khong orchestra have a long practice session.
  • At nights before going to bed, he will have a long one-to-one chat session with Shayanne. He will ask her how her day went while she will purr back (much like a cat).


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Mrs Garlic Breath is back!

…..or her proxies, that is – maid, little daughter and big son.

Following on from my previous rant on Mrs Garlic Breath, I am most pleased to announce that her little daughter (who I now know is called Esther) has been signed up as a regular in Braedyn’s Kindermusik class.

During her trial class, you have all heard me go on and on about all the things I disliked about Mrs Garlic Breath (GB for short) particularly her parenting style. It really couldn’t be any worse but I was dead wrong.

Last week, after depositing her son, maid and Esther at the class, she promptly DISAPPEARED into thin air. Maybe she didn’t have her newspapers with her and she went to get some but obviously, with the upcoming Ijok elections, newspapers must be a scarce commodity because 45 minutes later after the class, she still hasn’t returned.

Previously, I did comment that GB’s son was very well-behaved. I was dead wrong again. He got bored 1/2 way through the class and according to my spy outside the class, he was busy watering the carpet outside with water from the water dispensor.  Who wouldn’t when mum is not around to reprimand him? I know I will have a go and see if weeds would sprout from the carpet!  The boy was even scolded by another parent for wreaking the carpet.

More updates on GB next week. If you think I am too mean, go and read some other blog 🙂

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Tag : Braedyn’s 1st tag

I am sooo haappiii today 😀 becos my fren, Darrriius tagggeed me!!!

On the Outside

Name: Braedyn Khong Jian-Wen but people usually call me Braedyn. My baba and mama call me “Pudgy”, “Champion” or “Boy” depending on their mood. My relatives who cannot pronounce my Engrish name (or have zero background in Engrish) call me “Jian”.

Date of birth: 6 November 2005 (apparently I was born 2 days after a very pretty monkey princess far far away)

Current status: Always seen with a girl (my mei-mei Shayanne lah!)

Eye colour: Dark brown (may change this once I can get my own contacts)

Hair colour: Supposed to be black but in bright light, people say I have ang-moh curly hair

Righty or Lefty: Right hander of course, I prefer to have longer life

Zodiac: Scorpio (just like baba)

On the Inside

Heritage: Cantonese-Hokkien-Hakka. I really want to be a true Malaysian but baba always complain about some unappreciative government…..
Fear: Loud noises, cats, no food to eat

Weakness: I have soft spot for food

Your perfect pizza: Never tasted one before. Does chapati count? I love my chapati.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: Where am I?

Your bedtime: Stupid bedtime, I don’t want to go to bed.

Your most missed memory: Baba’s continental car when I was still inside mama.

Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: Coke Light. Baba only takes that.

McDees or Burger King: Uncle Ronald because they have better facilities for me. Baba is a Whopper fan though but I haven’t tried before. Baba would always say this to me when I am eating my cup corn in McD’s, “Next time when you are older, Baba bring you to Hungry Jacks and buy you a Whopper Junior. We’ll leave mama at home.”

Single or Group Dates: I don’t do dates. I only do prunes and raisins.

Adidas or Nike: Asadi – who needs Germans when I have Malaysian.

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Sorry – Teh Si Bing my favourite

Chocolate or Vanilla: Give me both.

Cappucino or coffee: Both of these too please.

Do you…

Smoke: I only passive smoke and I heard baba tell mama that if he catches me smoking, he will cut me out of his will

Curse: All the time, but nobody knows!

In the past month

Drank alcohol: I tried Shandy before. Yummy!

Gone to the mall: Almost every day together with baba

Been on stage: No need. I get better view up girl’s skirts when I am off-stage.

Eaten sushi: The rice only and lots of those green beans

Dyed your hair: Don’t need it.

Have you ever…

Played a stripping game: Everynight before baba gives me a shower. Now I’m waiting to catch baba stripping mama.

Changed who you were to fit in: NEVER, people ask me to Shhhhh!, I purposely must make more noise.


Age you’re hoping to be married: When I am in my 20s. I co-habitate first ok?

In a guy/girl

Best eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Any colour so long as it’s not sponsored by L’oreal.

Short or long hair: Which part you talking about?

What were you doing?

1 minute ago: Sleeping

1 hour ago: Struggling to fall asleep

4 1/2 hours ago: Going home after dinner with baba, mama and mei-mei

1 month ago: Sorry, I have short memory

1 year ago: You didn’t hear me the 1st time?

Finish the sentence

I love: mei-mei

I feel: very naughty

I hate: sleeping and taking medicine

I hide: everything under furniture

I miss: food

I need: more food!

Donno what tag is but I oso wan to kena my frens:-

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Annual holidays

I have often told wifey that when we start a family, we must bring the kids for holidays so that they can experience more things and have lots of wonderful childhood memories. To most people, that’s the norm but when it’s coming from a person who never gets to claim his annual leave, it’s a revelation! Wifey probably thought I was spewing some crap to get her to agree to have kids 😉

Must be zaramama’s post about places she wants to visit that gave me the final push to get some planning done. I think we will start with cuti-cuti Malaysia first before visiting some of her exotic destinations (have been to Grand Canyon though)

So the search is on for a nice place to stay in Terengganu. The last time I was there, Boyz II Men were still ruling the airwaves and Tanjong Jara Beach Resort (pre-YTL) was unheard of. Any recommendations on where to stay? We plan to have the trip very close to monsoon season in mid-September.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 3:19 am at 3:19 am 7 comments

Shayanne’s many faces

Look how serious I am….

My sleepy face….

My smiley face….do I look like ‘Little Buddha‘?

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Bijou @ Mont’ Kiara Damai

Wifey chanced upon a restaurant review in some parenting magazine last week and she decided to drag us all there for lunch. She mentioned something about it being baby-friendly and since it was reviewed in a parenting magazine, why not?

Ordinary people like us do not visit the Mont’ Kiara area much but locating the restaurant was not an issue since daddykhong has GPS hard-wired into his brain.

1st impressions of the restaurant were good UNTIL we approached the front door. There was a step up to get into the restaurant – so much for being baby-friendly. There was a side gate which led to the garden but daddykhong later found out that to get from the garden into the restaurant, there are more steps!!! Inside the restaurant there is ANOTHER step as you make your way from the entrance to the dining area. So a BIG FAIL if you have a stroller.

The garden (L) and the dessert station (R)


Brae’s macaroni lunch (before)

Daddykhong had an old friend just back from Melbourne who has a little girl (Jesslyn) just 5 months older than Brae so our little boy had some company during the meal. He didn’t interact much with Jesslyn and instead, focused on attacking his pasta. It was the first time we let him feed himself from start to finish and the whole place was a mess by the time he was done. Should have taken an “after’ shot to show.

The kids meals were good. Not salty and oily. They even provided a wet towel for us to clean the kid. The adult meals were above average in taste.


Daddykhong’s old friend and her little girl, Jesslyn

The changing table in the toilets. Free diapers (Pet Pet) were provided in various sizes. See the middle basket with a few diapers left? Daddykhong emptied the whole basket just to cut cost!!!! I hate it when he does that.

So, the plusses are the food, the ambience, the free diapers, the wet towel, the service (maybe because the waiter knew daddykhong), the playground. The big minus is the poor access for strollers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 3:20 pm at 3:20 pm 22 comments

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