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Fast food joints

We usually take the kids out to McDonalds for food mainly because of the ambience, the service and the conveniences they offer. The food isn’t great when compared to Burger King but in Malaysia, having a great Whopper in a lousy atmosphere is also not much fun. We are not fried chicken fans either so have never brought the kids to KFC or Marrybrown.

So it is no surprise that Braedyn has his special name for the Golden Arches. He calls it “Gar Gar” (no surprises there). Everything to do with McDonalds is “Gar Gar”. He calls the restaurant that. He calls Ronald McDonald that. He calls Hamburglar that. Even the play area is not spared!

Mummykhong is blessed to have Braedyn around because she’s very poor with directions. So with Braedyn, he can easier lead her to the nearest McDonalds because everytime we drive past one, he will spot it immediately and say “Gar Gar”. Must be the golden arches.

What is more surprising is that he even points out the Burger Kings and the KFCs. They are all “gar gar”. Must be the red colour signages.

So come join us at Gar Gar where the food is fist-sucking good (according to Shayanne).


Tuesday, May 29, 2007 4:44 pm at 4:44 pm 16 comments

Conversations with Braedyn

Daddy (pointing to a sheep): What’s this?

Braedyn: Baa baa

Daddy (pointing to a dog): What’s this?

Braedyn: Woo Woo

Daddy (pointing to a duck): What’s this?

Braedyn: Dar Dar

Daddy (pointing to a cat): What’s this?

Braedyn: Ka Ka

Daddy (pointing to a cow): What’s this?

Braedyn: Gar Gar

Daddy (pointing to a bird): What’s this?

Braedyn: Gar Gar

Daddy (pointing to anything else apart from the above 1st 4 animals): What’s this?

Braedyn: Gar Gar!!!

Daddy: *slaps head*

Friday, May 4, 2007 8:17 pm at 8:17 pm 13 comments

Braedyn is sick – Updates

What a terrible past 7 days it has been. We brought Braedyn back to the Dr’s 3 days after the 1st visit because the diahorrea hasn’t improved, and also due to the fact that we wanted the Dr to see him before the 2 day extended Labour Day break.

The Dr took Braedyn off his infant formula replacing it with a lactose-free formula (very kind of him to give us 2 sample cans of Similac so we didn’t have to worry about getting some ourselves). He also prescribed a cream for Braedyn’s sore hind quarters which is due to his body not being able to absorb the lactose, resulting in the leftover lactose (lactic acid perhaps….it has been along time I picked up my Biology text) burning his genital area after each passing.

It was only today that the diahorrea improved significantly with no mid-night nappy changes required. Daddykhong has been a dream the past 7 days, automatically waking up to sniff at Brae’s backside every 2 hours or so (very much like a dog!) and then proceeding to change the nappy, apply cream, etc.. if required. He keeps count of the changes which averaged 9 a day. (daddykhong: it was getting so routine I felt like a robot)

However, Braedyn now has a hoarse voice (very husky and extremely sexy) from his crying. Good in a way because it means his cries are no longer ear-splitting. He’s back on his normal food today after days of drinking formula and nibbling on bread and whatever we were eating.

Shayanne has been a joy the past week, smiling every once in a while and cooing to herself whenever kor-kor has a changing session. She’s growing up fast.

Friday, May 4, 2007 8:10 pm at 8:10 pm 10 comments

Braedyn is sick

Our poor little boy is currently going through his first bout of diahorrea, a full-blown case of food poisoning. Poor thing and poor us. It has been 4 days already with no signs of it easing.

The basic routine is this; purge, change of nappy (with screams and all), peace and quiet, then purge, so on and so forth with the gap between each cycle ranging from an hour to 2 hours.

On the 2nd night from midnight to 6am, we changed his nappy 3 times. That day, we changed a total of 9 times. We wiped his poor bum until it became all sore which meant we ended up using the shower rose to wash him. The warm water made his sore bum even more tender…Ouch! So now the routine is; purge, nappy change – with water wash and lots of cream on the affected areas, peace and quiet.

Dr gave him his fever medication, some probiotic bacteria for his tummy and some salts to dissolve in water to drink. The salts are meant to make his intestines absorb more water but Braedyn would not take his salt drink. One sip, a quick shake of the head and a shove and the cup would end up on daddy’s lap. Daddy would take a sip, turn his head around (so that Braedyn can’t see), make a face and stick out his tongue and the cup would end up on my lap. A real funny tasting drink.

We’re off to see Dr again tonight because the fever comes and goes while the diahorrea hasn’t improved one bit. Want to seek his opinion before he goes on his break the next 2 days.

Monday, April 30, 2007 5:46 pm at 5:46 pm 15 comments

Mrs Garlic Breath is back!

…..or her proxies, that is – maid, little daughter and big son.

Following on from my previous rant on Mrs Garlic Breath, I am most pleased to announce that her little daughter (who I now know is called Esther) has been signed up as a regular in Braedyn’s Kindermusik class.

During her trial class, you have all heard me go on and on about all the things I disliked about Mrs Garlic Breath (GB for short) particularly her parenting style. It really couldn’t be any worse but I was dead wrong.

Last week, after depositing her son, maid and Esther at the class, she promptly DISAPPEARED into thin air. Maybe she didn’t have her newspapers with her and she went to get some but obviously, with the upcoming Ijok elections, newspapers must be a scarce commodity because 45 minutes later after the class, she still hasn’t returned.

Previously, I did comment that GB’s son was very well-behaved. I was dead wrong again. He got bored 1/2 way through the class and according to my spy outside the class, he was busy watering the carpet outside with water from the water dispensor.  Who wouldn’t when mum is not around to reprimand him? I know I will have a go and see if weeds would sprout from the carpet!  The boy was even scolded by another parent for wreaking the carpet.

More updates on GB next week. If you think I am too mean, go and read some other blog 🙂

Monday, April 23, 2007 7:27 pm at 7:27 pm 4 comments

Annual holidays

I have often told wifey that when we start a family, we must bring the kids for holidays so that they can experience more things and have lots of wonderful childhood memories. To most people, that’s the norm but when it’s coming from a person who never gets to claim his annual leave, it’s a revelation! Wifey probably thought I was spewing some crap to get her to agree to have kids 😉

Must be zaramama’s post about places she wants to visit that gave me the final push to get some planning done. I think we will start with cuti-cuti Malaysia first before visiting some of her exotic destinations (have been to Grand Canyon though)

So the search is on for a nice place to stay in Terengganu. The last time I was there, Boyz II Men were still ruling the airwaves and Tanjong Jara Beach Resort (pre-YTL) was unheard of. Any recommendations on where to stay? We plan to have the trip very close to monsoon season in mid-September.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 3:19 am at 3:19 am 7 comments

Wow! Maids are a real big help….Pt 2

Here we go again. Another rant from daddykhong on parents who really should have used protection.

At Suria KLCC last Saturday. Father holding wife’s hand walking in front. 6-year old daughter a metre behind. Maid with a 2-year old kid on a stroller (with lots of shopping bags on the stroller handles) about 5 metres behind desperately trying to catch up.

Even on the escalators, none of the parents even bothered to stop to help the maid or even look back to check on the little one. You know how tricky it can get with escalators.

If something were to happen to the stroller while on the escalators, it is surely going to be the usual drill. Both parents taking turns to scold the maid who should have been “more careful”.

You know what? I really despise people who are like that. Having kids is not just 5 minutes of fun. It is a lifelong commitment which INCLUDES pushing the stroller. I pity the maid and the 2 kids who have to grow up with such a father and an equally sad-case mother.

Monday, April 2, 2007 3:05 pm at 3:05 pm 9 comments

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